The story of Cupid, a bay mare from Essex, who for more than three years rode back and forth from the trenches in France, trekked across the Sinai desert and dodged shellfire during bloody battles for Gaza.

Leicestershire Yeomanry : Dress Regs - I like this horse. I mean, I really, really, like this horse. Neat little website too.

Walers were reliable and showed great endurance. About 160,000 of these Australian horses served in WW1. Frank Derrick - Monto Troup 5th Light Horse Regiment.

World War 1 War Horse. This is the Great Grandfather of a friend of mine who served as a farrier during the war. You can see by this horse’s stance and head carriage that he was a carriage horse and not a riding horse. He looks like a Cleveland Bay! Wonder what happened to him 

Frank, a Civil War mount, was present at Gettysburg- " Image of a white horse in saddle and bridle with US brand on left leg standing in middle of a dirt street; reverse with printed history and list of battle in which Frank participated: 14 battles from Gettysburg to Appomattox, serving with Battery D, 1st N.Y. Artillery, 5th Army Corps " Gives you chills.

The famous war horse "Comanche." Comanche was ridden by Colonel Miles Keogh at the Battle of the Little Big Horn in late June 1876 in Montana. One of many 7th U. S. Cavalry horses to survive the battle, Comanche was very badly wounded and barely able to stand when found. He was nursed back to health and was officially retired for life with special honors, as a living relic of that terrible struggle. Comanche died at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1890.

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