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Many people are fooled because they so want, accepting all that comes from psychics and fascinated fascinadores. Rubens Santini

BOA TARDE - good afternoon Grupo Espíritas Há 1 publicação neste tópico. Grupo Espíritas "Se alguém te fala que é loucura o esforço que empreendes, silencia e insiste no dever." (Joanna de Ângelis) "If someone tells you it's crazy that you undertake the effort, silences and insists on duty." (Joanna de Angelis)

"The man does not have as its only what can take from this world." (Gospel According to Spiritism)

"Whatever you do without faith or without goodwill, without effort or without sacrifice, has no value or merit, in this world or the next." (Emmanuel)

Grupo Espíritas "...aquele que perseverar até o fim será salvo." (Jesus - Jo, 5:8) "... he that endureth to the end shall be saved." (Jesus - Jn 5: 8)