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BTS_official (@bts_bighit) | Twitter

Death is nothing more than a change of worlds.

Broken bone, giant bruise, blown out knee....still performs like nothing is wrong = EOTY x1,000,000

My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less - She Reads Truth : She Reads Truth

Harry Styles // Another Man Magazine

please tell me josh didn't see this... this is horrible... what did he do to deserve this? nothing. nothing at all..

"Imagination may be the hardest work of the human mind. And perhaps the most God-like. It is the closest we get to creation out of nothing. When we speak of beautiful truth we must think of a pattern of words perhaps a poem. We must conceive something that has never existed before and does not now exist in any human mind. We must think of an analogy or metaphor or illustration which has no existence. The imagination must exert itself to see it in our mind when it is not there. We must create…

beatlesneveroutofstyle: “ One of my favorite John outfits is an outfit he is wore in 1974 in New York City. This is also the same day as when he filmed all the scenes that were in his “Mind Games”...

Mmmmhmmm, nothing bad or negative or scandelous EVER happens in siree...