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Vermilion Sands living roof takes hydro-seeding to the next level

The LED-lit Vermilion Sands temporary installation is a living canopy made from 260 pyramid-shaped modules covered in vegetation. Designed by Matthew Soules Architecture for a summer arts festival on West Vancouver's waterfront, the structure brings hydro-seeding and use of geotextile fabric to another level. Inspired by the title of JG Ballard's collection of short stories, the structure aims to combine the "artificial" with the "natural". The installation, which won the Community Choice…

Dans le cadre des Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal, nous avons réalisé une installation scénographique avec projection vidéo. Celle-ci se basait sur l’utilisation de boîtes de carton, élément récurrent de la décoration de cette édition des RIDM (gracieuseté de La Firme) . Pliées et assemblées, ces boîtes créaient une surface tridimensionnelle

Brilliant Four-Story-Tall Star Lights Up Malaysian Skyline

A four-story star has landed in a run-down building in Butterworth, a city off mainland Penang, Malaysia. The massive LED construction, comprised of steel cables and over 500 meters of light, is artist Jun Hao Ong’s latest public installation. Constructed to raise awareness and illuminate the 2015 Urban Xchange art festival, the impressively large-scale sculpture pierces the building’s foundations, radiating outwards with a network of lights. Appropriately titled The Star, this is just one…

Studio a+i Reimagines AIDS Memorial Park Design as a Fresh Green Triangular Canopy

Russel Wright’s historic woodland sanctuary reflects the splendor of its surroundings

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative just planted over 200,000 trees in one hour

The team at the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) has raised the bar for environmentalists and fighting deforestation across the globe, planting a whopping 202,331 trees in just one hour! The record-breaking event happened on May 20, where teams across North America gathered in their local areas from 1pm to 2pm ET. The incredible feat of reforestation by hand not only set a world record, but implemented future thriving forests from coast to coast. The incredible tree planting session…