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Explore Star Betelgeuse, Aboriginals Knew and more!

#Australian #Aboriginals knew of variable star Betelgeuse

Discoveries in Spanish cave suggest Neanderthals had hot water and bedrooms.

Scientists unravel how ancient hominids heard the world. #evolution

New DNA tests on ancient Denisovan people shows them occupying Altai cave 170,000 years ago. #russia

Scientists from Atapuerca Revolutionizing Human Evolution

8000 year old #skull preserved brain matter in #Norway

Why are #humans unique? It’s the small things that count #Evolution #Science #History

Discovery of ancient bones in Altai Mountains cave may be missing link in understanding human origins.

Sumerian star map from Ninive - 3000 B.C. A map to guide the way through our galaxy...and beyond!

Little Foot skull still in place in the Sterkfontein cave.