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Statue of Neptune fountain at the Piazza de la Signoria Florence

Gustav Heinrich Eberlein (1847- 1926) Marble sculpture “Boy removing a thorn” 1879 Old National Gallery Berlin

Michelangelo (1475-1564) ~ detail of Dusk by Michelangelo for the tomb of Lorenzo de' Medici.

The gardens of the Achilleion, Corfu, Greece

Detail: The Rebel Angels. Salvatore Albano , Italian, (marble)1841-1893 Brooklyn museum of Art. NYC

Master of the Martyrdom of St. Sebastian (17th Century) The captive Hercules,carved ivory ,ca 1655 Viennese ivory sculptor

reminds me of the children's prayer: now i lay me down to rest/safely in my goddess nest/bless all i love, and bless me, too/dearest goddess i love you

In 2005, Verga was named Brazilian male model of the year. Description from I searched for this on

Ballet is one of the most amazing art forms EVER.