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5 Parrot Diets That Will Make Your Vet RICH

I only want to take my birds to the vet once a year - for their annual well bird exam. Even with the excellent diet my parrots enjoy, things happen that are

Sometimes I feel like a loving parrot believes these things  and means well by them, and other times I think they just enjoy the attention.

Human Care 101 According to Parrots - from a perennial favorite of mine: Texts from Parrots.

Firstly, make sure your parrots are perched comfortably. | A Guide To Taking Your Parrot For A Walk

Firstly, make sure your parrots are perched comfortably.

Some men deal with shopping by taking loads of parrots with them. At least it gives them something to talk to when the wife is in the shops.

I often get asked "how do I get my parrot to forage?". Over the years I have taught many parrots to forage and I wrote a series of articles for Parrots magazine on how to teach your parrot to forage and how to create foraging opportunities. Links to these articles can be found at www.ParrotEnrichment.com.

Foraging is an essential form of parrot enrichment. Parrot foraging toys offer your bird an opportunity to work for food.

PVC Forager with kids toys to achieve both manipulative and sensory enrichment

PVC FORAGER Sugar Glider Toys Great forage toy for your pet! The PVC Forager allows ample space for treats or favorite foods. Each side of the PVC

Bird Play Gym- Need to hook my boy up with this

Parakeet, cockatiel, small parrot play gym - can use shallow plastic bin as base