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USB Laser Handheld Barcode Scanner/Reader for Desktop/Laptop (1.8M-Cable)


Arctic Handheld Laser

Arctic Handheld Laser / A great new upgrade comes through the latest version of Arctic Handheld Laser which is a piece of technology that truly makes you feel like a true Jedi anyday.

from ThisIsWhyImBroke

World’s Most Powerful Laser

Tired of those weak regular laser pointers that don't paralyze and cause permanent retina damage to someone when you point it at their eyes? Want to own a laser so powerful that it's practically a lightsaber? We present to you the world's most powerful laser.

from Lifehacker

Turn a flashlight into a handheld burning laser

MagLITE? What about MagLASER? Turn a Mini MagLite flashlight into a burning laser pointer!! This DIY project is gonna be hot! LEARN MORE ABOUT LASERS AND OTH...

Arctic Laser: They should really just call it a Light Saber but then they’d be sued by Lucasfilm and disappear. So, being the smart fellas they are, the crew at Wicked Lasers called the world’s most powerful handheld laser the Arctic. Probably because it’s super cool.