TCG Nusret, replica of Ottoman mine layer Nusret. She took part in the naval parade too. She is a commissioned ship in Turkish Navy.Like in previous years, on 18th March 2016, Turkish Navy organised a Naval Parade in Çanakkale Strait to commemorate Turkish Victory over the Allied Armada 101 years ago. 6 Navy and Coast Guard helicopters, 3 maritime patrol planes and 6 Army helicopters took part in a fly over. And Turkish Stars, aerobatics demonstration team of Turkish Air Force made a…

Battleships Pennsylvania and Colorado lead three heavy cruisers into Lingayen Gulf to support landings in the Phillipines. Jan 1945.

USS Wyoming, BB-32, 1919. Yes, those are four twin turrets aft of the masts. Armed with 12 12-inch guns.

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