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Sunsets -- ruined by chemtrails: World Holocaust against humans and earth living and systems worldwide

Reversible Housing in Japan ~ Blogger Pixz

El otoño se acerca, mira esta genial actividad que puedes hacer con tus hij@s y unas Crayolas.

Kaitlyn, a six year-old Sumatran Tiger, delivered two healthy cubs on Aug 22—the first tiger cubs to be born at Australia Zoo in it 43-year history! Kaitlyn is considered one of the most genetically valuable tigers in the world, so with fewer than 500 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild, the birth of her cubs is a significant win for the species. See and read more at ZooBorns:

Don't believe in chemtrails? World holocaust on humans and all earth beings and systems

Neka, a 6-year-old African lion at the Oregon Zoo, gave birth to three healthy…


Nothing Is Sweeter Than This Newborn! ADORABLE!

The Nashville Zoo announced this week the birth of a female Red Panda cub on July 3. Learn more at and at

The Devil is the card of self-bondage to an idea or belief which is preventing a person from growing or being healthy—an example might be a belief that getting drunk each night is good for you. On the other hand, however, it can also be a warning to someone who is too restrained and/or dispassionate and never allows him or herself to be rash or wild or ambitious, which is yet another form of enslavement.

It is a way of living in sync with the Earth and all her children.