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January 7, 1957 Elvis on the train following his last appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Elvis and his cousin Gene Smith with neighbours David and Debbie Fruchter, 462 Alabama Avenue, Memphis - ca. April 1953

<b>Amy Winehouse - Back To Black</b>: Amy arrived four hours late to this shoot, having been partying all night at her friend’s wedding. Shot in a black room at photographer Mischa Richter’s house in Kendal Rise, which had blackboard paint on the cupboards, this was the last shot of the day, with early evening light streaming through a bay window to the right. It was the last time Richter saw Amy.

May 31, 1958 - Elvis is pictured behind the wheel of his Lincoln Continental with his Army buddy and friend Donald Rex Mansfield in the passenger seat. They were on a two-week leave after eight weeks of basic training at Fort Hood, TX. Two years later Rex Mansfield married Elvis's secretary and girlfriend Elisabeth Claudia Stefaniak - whom Elvis and Rex had met in Germany - in Union City, Tennessee on June 4, 1960.

50's...Elvis and Humes Hight School friend, George Klein. 2014 - A reknown DJ, George is still a loyal Elvis supporter - has a weekly liveSirius/XM Elvis radio program each Friday afternoon.

"GonzoToday: The Doors' First Album & Mary Werbelow, 50 Years On" -- "The End ...the bewildered hideousness of being rejected by a true love. What you thought was a true love, and now your life is ashes and dust. The End was not among the first songs rehearsed by the band in its early days, but I believe the words were in a note book. Waiting." #jimmorrison #thedoors #thedoorstheend #marywerbelow

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