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#lafleurjn Sadly discontinued in the Autumn 2016 catalogue, this one is so pretty. Good job I stocked up while I could! ☺️ Buy yours now at!

It's actually pretty sad for her...but this is what happens when hate, insecurity, nastiness take priority over the feelings of your children. She literally made them choose sides and she lost. I hope one day she realizes this and can be part of their lives again. I doubt it though...takes too much humility and selflessness...and an ounce of maturity.

2 months ago, my family left me here. I don't understand why they didn't want me anymore, but it makes me So sad💔😞. I've watched as hundreds of people have passed me by. Day after day, people pass my cage, and no one even stops to say hi to me. I don't understand why no one loves me...I'm such a good boy. My name is Bud, but these people at the shelter call me #A1666087. I'm pretty sad here and I'm losing hope. Can anyone help me? I don't want to spend thanksgiving locked in a cage alone…

It's pretty sad when you discover who the real ones are, and the ones you thought were not! I only hang around the ones i thought were a true friend..... Life lesson learned... I won't be a fool again...

from BuzzFeed

Meet Naki'o, The World's First Bionic Dog

The beginning of Naki'o's story is a pretty sad one. He lost his paws and the tip of his tail to frostbite when he was a puppy.

It’s pretty sad how easily I get attached to people. If a guy talks to me for just two days, and then on the third day stops talking, I get upset. That’s how easily I get attached to people. It sucks because I have high expectations and only get disappointed. It’s no one’s fault but my own. I just want someone to stick around in my permanent. I spend most nights crying. I just want to feel like I matter to someone and like someone wants me in their life as much as I want them in…

... Lmao.. It's pretty sad that they actually treat her as the 'Dead one'.. ❤

This quote from Max Vandenburg is sad and wonderful all at the same time. It's pretty sad that that was the first time Max had seen stars in a while, but also that he had to be basically confined in a basement just to survive. It's also wonderful at the same time because Max has such a way with words, that it makes one feel some type of way. The way he described the stars I can just imagine them now. Max also just loves the sky. This quote on the stars, and then there was the other one about…

(Stolen from a friend of mine) but for real though. Notice the angry violent hateful ones are some of the Hilary supporters. Seriously, I had 5 people delete me from FB for posting a fricken picture of myself with my "I voted" sticker saying I voted for Trump, 2 old movie theatre coworkers of mine try and start shit with me via FB(jokes on them now) ha. and all I see on my newsfeed right now is hate. Pretty sad.