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Too many times to count. Most recently it was your letter to me explaining how no matter what I'll always be your wife and you'll always love me

Lol, my friend says this is one thing she loves about me. And all my friends say that I am stubborn when it comes to figuring certain things out.

My happy place is at home - funny quotes -

I'd probably choose crunchyroll instead of Netflix but a normal human being would agree. And yes, outside is scary. There's a thing called "social life" and only the very brave souls go there.

as an american who's family is russian and grew up speaking the language, this is entirely true and i absolutely love it

I live in Ireland and there is like 4 Chloe's in my French class. Apparently everyone but me has a common name in Ireland

I knew this was going to be a quotable Vader moment and OH MY GOD IT'S AMAZING

why is this so relatable~~~more like when Trump/Republicans + anti-feminists open their mouths

I love the look on Damons face. You can tell he is pissed lol.