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Maybe a month after we got together. It was a normal morning and I was leaving after staying over and I whispered, "love you". You were still asleep and didn't hear me. It just came out and I just knew.

Change is not a quick thing. It takes time; it takes hard work and collaboration to change. And the challenge is always how. How do we change? How do we put our differences aside and learn? We have to learn. Learning brings change. The world is a large, diverse place Hatred will not get us anywhere, it will only erect more barriers between us. Remember we are all people. We all feel love. And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love And nobody can...

Its so sad to think how many people in this life are hurting, broken in some way. When did we get so sad yes everyone has hard times we all go through it, life is meant to be shared in everything hard times and good. How can we care for others more? Love is missing from people's lifestyles! Its important for everyone to feel loved!

Love ❤️ Is Hard Black Love Is Hard Tee made out of 💯 polyester so has that silky feel, this is a reposh, it was way too big on me. This will fit med perfectly but would look great on a smaller large as well. Love is hard ladies!!! This shirt says it all! H&M Tops Tees - Short Sleeve

Inspirational Thursday: How do you describe feeling 'love'? Is it an honest, easy emotion or is it hard to come by? Today's affirmation reminds us that we are capable of genuine, effortless love. So let's try it, and let love in.

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Love Is...knowing we are rich because we have each other...thank you Dearest Lord for your blessing ♥♥♥♥♥♥

I think that Love is a feeling hard to express but very easy to feel. It is an explosion of emotions towards a person of great significance in...

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