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Drive ins. Oh yeah... Spotlight 88...darn it...what were the others we went to?? It was the 60's to me, I'm sure they were earlier though.

Boycotting watching movies in theaters until they're free again. lol. Watched so many free movies on Tuesdays at Clearview cinemas bc of their contract w Optimum. Too bad they had to end the free movies on Tuesdays deal :/.

Jon Provost Forever associated with a heroic TV collie whom he frequently had his arms lovingly wrapped around, blond tyke Jon Provost actually was a veteran performer by the time he won the role of "Timmy Martin" at age seven in the series Lassie

I had one of these until recently; gave it away because the cord was too short to plug into the wall and then be able to set the phone somewhere convenient - like somewhere more than above the floor...

Betsy Wetsy doll, Mine peed in her diaper and I got to pretend I was a real mommy.

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