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The Navy's Next-Generation Warship Gets Two Critical Defensive Boosts

Check out the Independence-class LCS - A Rolling Airframe Missile launcher is mounted above the hangar for short-range defense against aircraft and cruise missiles, and .50-caliber gun mounts are provided topside

This Is Your Go-To Graphic To Understand The US Navy Fleet

If you want to know just about every ship and sub in the U.S. Navy’s fleet, this graphic is your guide. It’s massive and awesome and actually appears to be set just a few years in the future, which makes it even cooler.

The U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Randolph (CV-15) alongside repair ship USS Jason (ARH-1) at Ulithi Atoll, Caroline Islands, 13 March 1945, showing damage to her aft flight deck resulting from a kamikaze hit on 11 March. The photograph was taken from a floatplane from the light cruiser USS Miami (CL-89).