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John is a member of my Low Carb Challenge Group and he is constantly amazing us with inspiring pictures & weight loss motivation with his posts in the group! He gave me permission to share his “before and after weight loss” photo with you here, along with a recent story of falling off the wagon…

Amazing #LowCarb Weight Loss Transformation! Low Carb Diet Before and After Photos & Success Stories:

from YogiApproved™

Could Coconut Oil in My Coffee be the Key to My Weight Loss?

I swear by it. In itself, it doesn't really cause weight loss - calories in. calories out being fundamental to that. However, it significantly boosts the nutritional value of a cup of coffee, providing extra energy and satiating cravings and hunger pangs.

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The Best 120 Amazing Weight Loss Pics - Fat Loss Transformations!

Today’s weight loss before and after story: Faren lost 80 pounds by exercising (sometimes with Zumba for her Wii) and low carb eating. | Black Weight Loss Success

from TrimmedandToned

50 Healthy Low Calorie Weight Loss Dinner Recipes!