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They are easily removable adhesives that Clet and a few friends apply at night, sometimes in plain view of security cameras. Clet took home a 400 euro ticket for his work the other night; the police say he doesn’t have permission to add to the street signs, an act that is against the “codice della strada” (laws of the road). Others see these works as a contribution to the urban decay rampant in Florence; others still feel offended by the religious content of the Pietà signs.

Clet Abraham, a French artist who has been living in Italy for over 20 years. This “guerrilla” act of art is just one manifestation of his often surreal and colourful approach to the world.

I’m not sure exactly what the fundamental difference is between a graffiti artist and my work. I can say for sure that my stickers are easily removable. It’s essential to me to create works that are in thematically in keeping with the support upon which I am working, to adapt myself thus to any situation with complete respect for the work of others; I try to offer a service with my talent and knowledge. It’s possible that some graffiti artists have a similar work ethic. We do have in common…

Clet THE STREET BAR Artwork by CLET Spotted somewhere in France was this fun piece of street art by CLET. The manipulated ‘Do Not Enter’ sign depicts a bar setting with two patrons and a bartender. There’s even a fancy candelabra in the scene!