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Emotions And Investing Do Not Mix

Do you know why you make the investment choices that you do? Keeping track may be of great help in making more sound financial and investing decisions. Emotions will always play a part in investment decisions, but how can you make sure that you're not risking your finances because of your emotions? Here are some good thoughts on keeping your heart under control when your brain needs to make money decisions for your future and your retirement. via @EricNisall

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6 Best Investing Books for Beginners

I wanted to learn how to start investing, and these books have really helped me get the concept of making my money work harder!

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Make Money From Your Hobbies

Make Money With Your Hobby! Check out this list of hobbies that you can make money with. Making extra money should be fun!

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Real Estate Investment: Oh, the Mistakes I've Made!

I purchased my first investment property at the age of 24. By jumping in at such a young age I had a very steep learning curve. Investment fundamentals hardly ever change, so I think sharing my many mistakes may help a new investor to refrain from making the same ones.

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Jungle Slime Recipe

How to Make Jungle Slime- a simple, basic slime recipe perfect for a jungle, rainforest, or African savanna unit. Messy, sensory play fun! ~

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Dividend Growth Investing: Is It Right For You?

Achieving financial freedom can be challenging. Increasing passive income through dividends is one method this dream can be attained. Learn how this method can help you! #investing #dividends

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How to Save Your First $1000

If you are anything like me, when you are working towards a goal you need quick wins to keep motivated. There are many schools of thought on the best first step to take. Clear debt before saving. Build an emergency fund before making extra repayments. I say 'Do Both'

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34 Creative Play Activities for Babies under One

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24 Passive Income Ideas to Make Money While You Sleep

24 Passive Income Ideas to Make Money While You Sleep Check out all the best tips and tricks for eBay sellers on The best eBay blog on the net for BOLO lists, eBay How-To Guides, and more!