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Do the gloves on the model’s head represent the HANDlers messing with her mind?

The one-eyed, wasted pedo-bear basically told the world who was behind this staged “false flag event”. While the “controversy” around Miley might help her sell more records for a while, the ongoing public humiliation that is forced on her by her handlers will most likely lead to some kind of meltdown in the future. In an article published in 2011, Miley’s father Billy Ray Cyrus stated that her handlers (that’s the word he used) cut him out of the loop and told him to “mind his business”…

❥ Sarah Palin - Is Tea Party Mascot New World Orderly? MK Ultra mind control puppet, handler is Henry Kissinger. They own them all. Every single one of them.

Research it! Many child stars and some celebrities are mind controlled and controlled by handlers in the industry.

RARE BANNED PHOTOS: Obamas Being Programmed By MK Ultra Handler Tim Burton at White House?

Britney Spears Imagery: Mickey Mouse ears = mind control. Britney is the Queen of mind control. Poor girl has tried to break away from her handlers so many times and is the reason she is COURT ORDERED to not have any say in her life. Her dad and fiancé (handlers) control her completely. She is noticeably skittish and seems out of it/drugged all the time to keep her in line and making money for "them".

The total humiliation of a young women, as she acts out her handlers commands to corrupt the youth of today

❥ The Beatles -- Illuminati Mind Controllers~ The Beatles were an Illuminati creation. Their songs were written for them and handlers scripted their actions and words. They demonstrate that pop culture is really mind control.

During “Blurred Lines” Miley acted like a true Beta programming slave – while Robin acted like a handler. His strange suit featured a dualistic pattern that is used during the programming actual MK slaves. There was also something strange about seeing 20-year-old girl (dressed to look younger) rubbing herself on this 36-year-old (married) man.