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What is one of your favorite quotes that inspires you and why? Pick only one, and the one that gets the highest votes will be BA. One of my favorites is, "the harder you work, the luckier you get." -Gary Player...... asked under Shopping & Gifts

WORDS | i love the fuck out of you

Beware of Destination Addiction -

As you get older, you can energetically feel the difference between people -

If it was positive and u actually wanted to work on us then I'd love to talk to u everyday again! But not this once in a blue moon bs

“Don’t let the fear of actually getting the love you talk about be the reason you sabotage relationships and connections. Don’t pick people…

The Gentleman's Guide #85 Give Her A Relationship Where You Can Act Like Idiots, Talk About The Most Random Stuff, Share Music, And Never Get Tired Of Each Other.