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Decoration Inspiration: Do one statement wall in living room  (wall with the closet) in navy blue & white stripe and then the other walls in tan?

Decoration Inspiration: 10 Black & White Entryways

black and white stripes below chair rail for makeshift mudroom with coat hangars and shoes.love my black and white stripes in my house!

Great paint colors.  Color combinations for interior and exterior.

Website that shows nothing but painted rooms and tells you what paint was used. Broken down by color. perhaps this could help me pick a color for my living room!

Shut the front door! I say this all the time!

to SHUT (sounds like the "u" in "up" or "but") = to close. Shut the door! Shut the window. Shut your mouth. Shut up! Shut off the radio. Shut down your computer.

Pro Quote:  “If you paint in sections, you double the amount of work and double the chances of lap marks. I always roll on the paint the full height of the wall, and I haven't had lap marks for 25 years.” Brad Karja, president of Brad Karja Decorating

Paint Trim or Walls First? And Other Painting Questions Answered

10 Tips for a Perfect Paint Job Professional painters share their secrets for great-looking interiors.

You've picked your color, but how many gallons will you need for your room? Calculate the wall area of the room; you'll need one gallon for 450 square feet. To determine the wall area, multiply the height of each wall by its width (don't subtract for doors and windows unless they take up more than half the wall); total the figures for the walls. Add 10 percent for future touch-ups. For two coats, double the number.

How Much Paint?

Calculate the wall area of the room; you'll need one gallon of paint for 450 square feet. Plus other paint tips from Martha Stewart