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Ralph Waldo Emerson - "Shallow men believe in luck or in circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect...". inspirational, luck, chance, naturalism, serendipity, necessity, causation, causality, cause-and-effect, darwinism, kalam-cosmological-argument

Jeanette Winterson - "I know now, after fifty years, that the finding/losing, forgetting/remembering, leaving/returning,...". hope, living, perseverance, determination, chances

Lucian Bane - "What they saw was a hero baby. That's what you are. A survivor. A strong woman. Beautiful......". inspirational, quotes-to-live-by, hero, emotional

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The more anger towards the past you carry in your…

Sometimes there is no next time, no second chance, no time out. Sometimes it is now or never.

Dejan Stojanovic - "Will the day tell its secret Before it disappears, Becomes timeless night". wisdom, poetry, quotes, thoughts, secret, literature, poetry-quotes, night, quotes-to-live-by, day, literature-quotes, dejan-stojanovic, disappearance, timeless, circling, disappear