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Vanora Bennett - "Truth is the old way. Truth dates back to the time when your word was your bond,...". truth, honesty

Find my person and my person find me ...... then nobody stands where anybody stood and we stand together

Poetry is the thing that helps life make a little more sense for me.

Or think of it the other way... kiss him like that. takes awhile (if it happens at all) might your life change if you started loving yourself (quirks & weaknesses included)?

the sole reason i came to see you was to assure myself that our bond was broken, that there was nothing left to fight for...oh silly me. our eyes locked and all the clichés rolled into one and hit me simultaneously: time stood still, i froze and i fell in love with you all over again

A part of her heart...because of you I certainly thought I was gonna die....but now I'll never show anyone that part of me again

I tend to see the best in people I care about regardless of them hurting me. Only when I am walked all over will I let go.

Letter to the Exes. Ya didn't find my soul (Kanye shrug) Don't fool yaself :P