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Purple Dead Nettle - edible and medicinal. The leaves and upper plants are cooked as pot herbs or added to salads. The plant is very nutritious, high in iron, vitamins and fiber. The whole plant is medicinal, used as an astringent, diaphoretic, diuretic, purgative, styptic and tonic.

Health Benefits of Burdock

Health Benefits of Burdock | Medi Tricks | herbology, herbalism, healing plants, herbal medicine

10 Medicinal Trees That Heal Virtually Everything...

As an answer from nature to this paralyzing issue, a rare Chinese herb with incredible healing properties came into the light. According to the studies which were published in Life Sciences, Cancer Letters and Anticancer Drugs, artemisinin is the miracle

6 Medicinal Trees for Stiff Joints and Pain

Harvest bark by cutting a branch from the tree and peeling back the bark from the entire branch. The tree medicine is the inner bark. On young branches you can take the entire bark. On older wood that is more than 2 years old, you need to scrape or peel the inner bark layer from the outer bark. The inner bark or phloem is the pipeline that allows food to pass from the roots to the rest of the tree. This part of the tree lives for a short time and then turns into the outer bark. A new layer…

11 Plants Native Americans Used To Cure EVERYTHING (From Joint Pain to Cancer)

Cherokees believe that they were given herbs and plants by their Creator, gifts which allowed them to treat and cure illnesses and ailments�