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(I'm really REALLY sorry about the swear word!!!!!!!!!! Please try and excuse it?) This is really sad... my Leooo :'(


Things Percy Jackson fans NEVER say <------ and if they do I'll strangle them

from Notey

25 Best Inspiring love quotes

🙌🙌🙌love is not blind. This is what I've always meant! I don't want someone who sees me as perfect. I need someone who sees everything that's wrong with me and loves me anyway

Be Leo whenever possible

This is soooo sad! NO, LEO! If this happens I am DONE! This is giving me a panic attack. I CAN'T READ STUFF LIKE THAT! AH

Leo Valdez son of Hephaestus

I made this with all of the things that mean the most to me: Percy Jackson, Sherlock, The Host, Star Trek, The mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games, Les Mis, The Hobbit, Marvel, Beautiful Creatures, Harry Potter, Divergent, X-men, Star Wars, Supernatural and Doctor Who.. <3 <3 ----- AHHH!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️