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South Carolina Republican Representatives Shamed Themselves - News - Bubblews

Political Miracle - Tea Party - Democrat and Republican Citizens Agree - News - Bubblews

American Independent in Right Wing Georgia - News - Bubblews

Never Ending Source of Bubblews Posts - News - Bubblews - End of the Real Republican Party - Regan would be considered a moderate today who would not be able to get the nomination to run for President.

Tea Party Learned A Lesson - News - Bubblews

Highly Controversial CISP Bill is Dead on Arrival at U.S. Senate The bill on Cyber Intelligence Sharing Protection passed in the U.S. House of Representatives recently is DOA. This is not going to break a lot of hearts out in the general public.

from The Huffington Post

How Republicans Have Trashed The Economy, In 1 Chart

How Republicans Have Trashed The Economy, In 1 Chart. ""Public investment in the US has hit its lowest level since demobilisation after the second world war because of Republican success in stymieing President Barack Obama’s push for more spending on infrastructure, science and education," write Robin Harding, Richard McGregor and Gabriel Muller.// Like we didn't know whom to blame already.


Ted Cruz is no Washington outsider

Ted Cruz has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t care for the ways of Washington. From the moment of his arrival in the nation’s capital, the brash Texas senator has challenged the Washington establishment and old order, declaring political war on Democrats, many of his fellow Republicans, Beltway insiders, the executive branch, and...

DOJ Suggests Criminal Sentencing Reform - Shock - Republicans Agree - News - Bubblews