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Life is sweet! Yes it is. Life is Saucy. Yes it is!This is a NSFW site that has pictures that I simply find interesting, clever, sexy or artful. If you are less than 18 please browse elsewhere. I try...

SCENE 1: 350 years ago a sorceress casts a curse of great power that forms a great dark wall between the upper city and the slums. The wall traps not only sunlight, but also the flow of magic and health. This leaves the people in the upper city "overdosed" on magic, living forever, almost zombies. The people below the wall are still passionate, but they have little health or sunlight. Reader doesn't know all the details of the curse.

Will You Grow A Halo or Horns?

Good Vs. Evil This is so me, always fighting the bad/ evil to be good/ pure.

Bird Kingdom by Kelsey Eng - Swan Queen, Sparrow Girl, and Crow Knight

A woman standing on a rock in the sea, surrounded by ravens. I'm interested in the story behind this one.