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Twenty bulls have been “liberated” from the town of Tordesillas in northern Spain on the eve of a controversial festival in which the whole town hunts down a single animal with spears. The animals went missing on Saturday night hours before they were due to take part in the notorious Toro de la Vega festival. […]

from Washington Post

Ohio man who speared Canadian bear won’t be charged

"Why Neanderthals had arms like Popeye: Spending time scraping animals skins for clothes, shelter had a lot to do with it... The unusually powerful right arms of Neanderthals may not be due to a spear-hunting life as once suggested, but rather one often spent scraping animal skins for clothes and shelters, researchers say." Graphic: "A volunteer performs a spear-thrusting task like a Neanderthal would as electrodes monitor his muscle activity."

YouTube: Take down horrifying video of hunter slaughtering bear with a spear American hunter Josh Bowmar released a video glorifying cruel hunting methods that can lead to a 20-hour excruciating death. Tell YouTube to remove this video! (85970 signatures on petition)

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Massacre of the dolphins: How 10,000 of the mammals a year are being speared and slaughtered - just for bait to catch endangered sharks

Fishermen in Peru hunt the creatures in their thousands and callously butcher them on board, despite the practice being illegal.

The sport of pig-sticking dates back to Roman times,- and now Federico Diego, (a lead spear hunter), is campaigning to have pig-sticking registered as a legal form of hunting in Spain. Lance-bearing horsemen corner wild boar and stab it to death with long, bladed spears. The animal dies a slow & painful death. It is inhumane, unnecessary cruelty- this ancient barbaric activity isn't "sport"- it just animal cruelty for entertainment- much like the cult of fox hunting. We ask Spain not to…

Stop the Illegal River Dolphin Slaughter in Brazil. #SeaShepherd #defendconserveprotect

A video of trophy hunter Josh Bowmar killing a black bear with a spear sparked global media coverage and a resulting public outcry. Urge the Government of Alberta to ban trophy hunting and take immediate action to prohibit spears and the baiting of animals.