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After the spear hunt: We must fight to protect Canada’s iconic bears


Famous Animal Rights Quotes

Ellen Degeneress on Animal Rights and No, she is not saying her mother is an animal. For you haters who are giving me grief about this pin-if you do not like it, that is your prerogative, say something nice or leave my board!

Pro vegan: Just because you did not kill it yourself doesn't mean you are less guilty.

Leonardo da Vinci had it right

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Kirsten Henry on

"Veganism is not about how hard it is for you. It's about every animal's right not to be used as a slave" Pigs are beautiful and intelligent creatures. Watch "Babe" , learn to love pigs and get the pork off your fork. Go vegan

Hunting for the need of food is understandable, but hunting for sport is just wrong.

Maybe because I was lucky enough to grow up with the movie BORN FREE. Long live Elsa.