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American hunter Josh Bowmar released a video glorifying cruel hunting methods that can lead to a 20-hour excruciating death. Tell YouTube to remove this video! (112363 signatures on petition)

Fashioning spears and wielding them to hunt – these sound like typical activities of our human ancestors. But the surprising fact is that not only are tool-use and tool-building carried out by other animal species, they’re done in the context of hunting as well. Chimpanzees in the Fongoli savanna of Senegal have been observed1 creating spears out of sticks, using an up …

Why Neanderthals Sported Arms Like Popeye

The unusually powerful right arms of Neanderthals may not be due to a spear-hunting life as once suggested, but rather one often spent scraping animal skins for clothes and shelters, researchers say.

Massacre of the dolphins: How 10,000 of the mammals a year are being speared and slaughtered - just for bait to catch endangered sharks

Fishermen in Peru hunt the creatures in their thousands and callously butcher them on board, despite the practice being illegal.

Dolphins are being brutally slaughtered in Taiji, Japan, and nothing is being done. Take action for these majestic creatures!

Miracle Elephant Survives Poaching Attack With Spear Still Lodged In His Head

Stop Slaughter of Endangered Pink Dolphin In Amazon. #SeaShepherd #defendconserveprotect