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Off Grid, Self-Sufficient, Montana Homestead Life: 13-26 January, 2013 - Vehicle Repairs, Birthdays, Dehydrating Food, New Books, and More...

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Top 10 Books on Survival

I haven't read every book on survival, but I've read a lot. I went through my shelf and tried to decide what are the best books on survival.

; How to Live Off-Grid With Limited Finances- A Beginner's Primer by Linton Wells,

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DIY Dried up Stream Beds 1

One Ash Farm and Dairy Homestead: 30 Must-Have Items For Every Homestead:

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Homesteading Books: Beginning Basics

Homesteading Books for Beginners Recommendations l Homestead Lady (.com)

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11 Ways Anyone Can be Self-Sufficient

11 ways to be self-sufficient - that anyone can utilize! Whether you live in an apartment or in the country, you can be self-sufficient.

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Hot water for free–from the wood cook stove!

Wood Cook Stove Range Boiler Hot Water Systems

Beyond the System: Self Sufficient Living Off of the Grid (Self Sustained Living) by Jonathon Toth,

65 Highest Rated Books about Survival, Prepping & Bushcraft