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Best Friend Outfits

I honestly relate to Michael in tons of ways not even joking. I just want to play video games and eat pizza

HOW COME IVE NEVER SEEN THIS AHHHHH>>>first of all Luke looks so adorable when he winks and second Calum probably thinks it's a doughnut

I've already pinned this, but it's just too great not to repin XD

Noelito Flow

#lifegoals Dude this is just soooo adorable i just.. no . literally... life is now complete... i can't I'm dead goodbye

Ok that face that Mikey makes--the one in the first picture? That is my favorite thing. Also, they all look so amazing.

O.o<<< I can't freaking breath I'm dead! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US CALUM THOMAS HOOD?!?!!?

5SOS posted on Snapchat<<<this sounds like something that they would do lol