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How to Grocery Shop for a Music Festival

How to Grocery Shop for a Music Festival

Underwater River in Mexico

Underwater River in Mexico. You go for a scuba swim to find another separate aquatic feature under the surface. An entire underwater River!

I love the grown and sexy vibe of this outfit. Sequin top tucked into high waisted trousers, another New Years Even or Christmas Party outfit option.

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Here are 60 trending summer and next to be popular outfits, lovely or sexy and specially for warm weather.

Below is my favorite deodorant recipe. It is AMAZING!!! My husband can ride his bike 70 miles in the blazing summer and still no BO! I also love that it’s a great alternative for my girls who are just reaching the age of needing deodorant. It’s easy to use and you can add essential oils for a “pretty smell”, if you want.

How to Make Non-Toxic Long Lasting Organic Deodorant recipe. Ingredients: Tbsp Coconut oil (solid state) cup baking soda cup arrowroot powder or cornstarch (ar.