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Assistance dog light switches

from The Nice Niche

Rachel Dein, Tactile Studio

This week on, SPRING (finally!)—captured in gorgeous plastic casts— Rachel Dein of Tactile Studio Rachel Dein's method of plaster casting captures flowers and foliage in a unique and delicate way. She creates her original casts by making an impression in wet clay and then pouring plaster directly over it. The clay captures the most intricate details, subtly accenting the plaster as it sets... >>read more>> #art #flowers #london

108 Best Free Logo Fonts for Your 2016 Brand Design Projects - Cast Iron is a condensed, all-caps typeface with an angular design. The font is great for logos, branding, apparel and headlines.

Paper House Project specified Lazenby’s superior quality concrete pre-cast worktops and sink, cast in-situ step and polished concrete floors. Internal and external basalt satin concrete features were chosen for this masterful refurbishment. Simon Maxwell Photography shows off the captivating beauty of Lazenby’s polished concrete. For more information about Lazenby’s exceptional product range, and high quality service and customer care …