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Kirk on his 8th birthday, inside an orange hazmat suit with oxygen supply, Pacific Science Center, Seattle, Washington, USA

First room, glass, colorful American Indian blankets, historical photos of American Indians, Dale Chihuly Glass and Garden, Seattle Center, Washington, USA

Tsonoqua, Wild woman of the woods, may she bring everyone wealth, symbolic "copper" in each hand, that they are broken makes them more valuable. "welcoming post"or house post, totemic design, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA

Detail: Killer Whale (Orca) dorsal fin, eye, nose, mouth, lips, teeth, face, carved wood, totemic design, weathered, paint, University of Washington, U District, Seattle, Washington, USA

Man of stone, the superman, statue of Amitabha Buddha, meditating in the snow, A Garden for the Buddha, Seattle, Washington, USA

Boeing design manager discusses the UX Software Design Center of Excellence with Infosys team manager, and sales manager, Infosys Bellevue office, Washington, USA

Chattering teeth - wow it's chilly, important person, tall hat, abalone eyes, ochre red, turquoise and black pigment, totemic design, northwest, Erna Gunther Ethnobotanic Garden, University of Washington campus, Seattle, Washington, USA

Fiery stand of orange red trees, if you are going to run away, use these curves, Seattle, Washington, USA