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. 2010 - 2012 恩膏引擎全力開動!!: 解碼系列:時下的「廢青」一代(1)

from a road to home

being christian

Maybe some of disbeliever will laugh at this statement. But this is true, Jesus really hold me when Im falling down. He hold me tight, even I could feel His warmth.


Fix up broken makeup

How to fix broken powders, blushes, and eye shadows! Who knew.. you can add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and let it set over night!

~~~ God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory.... I Believe in Him and GOD will Provide his WILL and FAITH for my New Journey and Second Coming in my new Life Ahead of me ~~~

from Inspiring Pretty

My Favorite Inspirational Quotes on God

2 Corinthians Life goes by so fast, don't blink or you might miss it! It's true what they say about YOLO, but it is misinterpreted. It's not meant as an excuse to make a bunch of bad decisions, it means to go out and do something important with your life☯

Morning glories are wonderful annual vines. Like most vines, they can almost take over, but they die back in the fall. They come in one of the truest blues of any flower also.

The voice of Truth says "Do not be afraid." The voice of Truth says "This is for My glory". Of all the voices calling out to me, I will choose to listen and believe the voice of Truth.