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My niece is getting married in May, her weight loss is now over 100 lbs. Way to go Angela

Hi friends! It's Erica and I'm so excited to be taking over the TF Instagram today to show you my favorite things! I'm getting married in less than 2 weeks so all things "wedding" are on my mind! One of my favorite gifts has been my new @pillowgrace boudoir. It has my and Michael's interlocking initials and our wedding day! What a perfect gift for newlyweds! We will love this in our new home. Swing by @twofriends_stsimons to order yours for a perfect gift! #tfssi #stsimonsisland #seaisland…

My name is Hannah Johnsen, very soon to be Hannah Raycraft. I get to marry Nick, my best friend and biggest supporter in May 2017. We are a young couple, madly in love trying to figure out life together. One of our favorite things to do together is create new recipes and[Read more]

I believe that the power of photography is in the hands of parents. I’ll say that again later so that you don’t forget. Pretty pictures are fine. But photography is far more powerful. Photography is about remembering. It’s about preserving story. It’s about holding on to all of the ordinary moments, and occasionally the extraordinary ones. Pro …

5 Things I Wish I Knew About Marriage (BEFORE I Got Married) Communication is more effective than silence...rather profound

My friends at home are 21, getting married, having babies and make me feel immature for not doing the same. I want my education and my own established life before all that shit.

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