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Tank Battles الان متوفرة مجاناً على آيفون, آيباد, آيبود تاتش و اندرويد‎

Cartoon Wars Android Game - , Cartoon Wars - an outstanding game joining kinds of strategy, RPG and "a wall on a wall". Here two contrasting tribes, a tribe of color heroes and a tribe of the black-and-white met in a mortal combat. You are waited for by more than 20 kinds of soldiers and 16 dissimilar enhances for soldiers, mansion, ammunition and other bonus means. Your work is to preserve the structure. If the foe militium destroys it, you will lose. To give properity you…

Re-Volt 2 is more of an upgrade which incorporates a move to freemium payment model (vote here on how much you like in-app purchases). The maps have tweaked and some new vehicles added with the free to play challenges & in-app purchase access to additional upgrades & the multiplayer grand prix mode. Game-play itself is buttery smooth, but 1 issue I had with game was severe lag while navigating the menus. Press an option and be prepared to wait for as much as five seconds to see a response.

Wind Up Knight 2 Android Game Description: This Game is basically 3D Side-Scrolling Game that has been made by the well known Robot Invaders which is now available on the App Store. Also easily on Android Market as free or paid content, requiring by the user.