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Yeshua Hamashiach - Jesus Is Lord - Majesty - Lyrics with Acords - YouTube

One interpretation of gems that represent the 12 tribes - It's thought that the Exo.28 stones corresponds w birth order, stone names are an English attempted approximation of the Hebrew stone: Reuben, sardius; Simeon, topaz; Levi, carbuncle; Judah, emerald; Dan, sapphire; Naphtali, diamond; Gad, opal/ligure; Asher, agate; Issachar, amethyst; Zebulon, beryl; Joseph, onyx; Benjamin, jasper. This layout aligns with Israel's camp (Num.2). "The 12 foundational stones of the New Jerusalem"…

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego have some powerful tips for you.

▶ David Wilkerson - Last Days Deception [Must Hear] - YouTube 27:50 ... ... The Wide Gate: ACCOMADATE church's to yield to man's way and not God's. Beware of 'SEEKER FRIENDLY' churches. They preach a 'watered down Jesus'. ... WOW! MUST HEAR! & SHARE!

In 1775, George Washington's 'secret navy' flew America's first flag featuring the words 'Appeal to Heaven.' Now, prophetic leaders are making a similar request for divine help in the hope of another Great Awakening.

Stop the Madness & Start Your Day In Peace! (A Peek Inside Our Morning Routine) - Kayse Pratt

Naeem Fazal is the author of the recently released book "Ex-Muslim" which chronicles the North Carolina-based pastor's conversion from Islam to Christianity.