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Ive made mistakes. Ive made the wrong choices. The wrong people, took advantage of me and treated me way less than i deserved

Yeshua Hamashiach - Jesus Is Lord - Majesty - Lyrics with Acords - YouTube

Stop the Madness & Start Your Day In Peace! (A Peek Inside Our Morning Routine) - Kayse Pratt

▶ David Wilkerson - Last Days Deception [Must Hear] - YouTube 27:50 ... ... The Wide Gate: ACCOMADATE church's to yield to man's way and not God's. Beware of 'SEEKER FRIENDLY' churches. They preach a 'watered down Jesus'. ... WOW! MUST HEAR! & SHARE!

Scripture teaches that God has judged numerous nations, empires and leaders who became rivals to His kingdom and glory.

This Ol' Bible - YouTube

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