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Tom Hiddleston as Captain Nicholls in War Horse. I would marry him (Nicholls). Such a good man, I absolutely loved him!
If you didn't cry during this scene, then you are not human. The most tragic death that we never saw!! Tom Hiddleston nailed it playing Captain Nicholls in War Horse!! BRILLIANT!!
Tom as Captain Nicholls from "War Horse"
Hiddles as Captain Nicholls in "War Horse" 2011
Tom Hiddleston as Captain Nichols.. The saddest part of this movie is when he dies
Captain Nicholls
Made by Me~ The Frost Queen Of Asgard w/ text by @samuraistar  ~ Hello Darling~ Men In Uniform~ Tom as Captain Nicholls in War Horse  (I Do Not Own The Picture)
Tom Hiddleston, War Horse, I FORGOT HE WAS IN WARHORSE