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Some of the very best race horses of all time. Man O'war, Secretariat, Ruffian, Zenyatta, Frankel, Black Caviar, Kincsem and Eclipse

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Raised To Race; Recycled To Ride (Off Track Thoroughbred) Horse Decal Sticker

Raised To Race; Recycled To Ride (Off Track Thoroughbred) Horse Decal Sticker. like a dog raised to show and recycled to be a pet.

ARSTTD  (Always Remember Secretariat To This Day) I will always remember him, he had a big heart for a reason and that was to inspire people world wide.

So cool! Comparison of strides for these legendary race horses. Man o war and Secretariat will always be my favorite though.

Throughbred Horse resists its handlers.

~this is why you don't under estimate the power of a horse. One horse vs three guys and it looks like the horse is winning.

Ruffian- was it possible she was as fast or faster than Secretariat? Sadly, she's gone. Beautiful girl.


Ruffain - The last horse race I ever watched was the one when Ruffian went down and had to be destroyed. These babies are too young to be putting that kind of pressure on bones not fully developed. I don't support horse racing any more.

Greatest of All Time...Secretariat's iconic 1973 31 length win for the Triple Crown at Belmont.

Secretariat wins the Belmont Stakes

Secretariat ("Big Red") - winning the Triple Crown in the third race at Belmont on June 1973 -- by 31 lengths and in world record time for 1 miles - 2 min. has never been surpassed.