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...the magic of what many in the tech industry call online-to-offline, the ability to order physical products or services from an app. Except now you don’t even need a new app–you can just chat your way to a richer life. The Future of Chat Isn’t AI — Medium, Ted Livingston

How Facebook Messenger clawed its way to 1 billion users

Facebook's gamble of forcing users to download Messenger has paid off. Despite the backlash, Messenger has doubled its user count in 20 months to reach the..

Nerdify Bot - First AI-powered tutor bot for Facebook Messenger. (Chat, Education, and Students) Read the opinion of 22 influencers.

LA to SF in 30 min: the hyperloop wars are on

The foundations of Hyperlooop tech are familiar: the maglev, or magnetic levitation, principle that allows a vehicle to achieve great speeds by riding on air is already at work on high-speed trains in Europe and Japan.

Uber drivers could see a lyft with this new Messenger integration!

These DARPA Darlings Just Raised $20M To Build A Super-Powered #Google For The #IoT by @iblametom via @forbes #Tech http://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2016/06/05/qadium-iot-google-security-darpa-cia/#34eb886d2722 BlissfulDOT - Google+

Bots are here, they’re learning — and in 2016, they might eat the web

As 2016 dawns, there’s a sense in Silicon Valley that the decades-old fantasy of a true digital assistant is due to roar back into the mainstream. If the trend in past years has been assistants powered by voice — Siri, Alexa, Cortana — in 2016 the focus is shifting to text. And if the bots come, as industry insiders are betting they will, there will be casualties.

Hacker Lexicon: What Is Fuzzing?

In the world of cybersecurity, fuzzing is the process of finding hackable software bugs by feeding random different permutations of data into a target program until one of those permutations reveals a vulnerability. The real goal of fuzzing is not merely to crash a program, but to hijack it.

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