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8 Surprising Benefits Of A Good Night Sleep

8 Surprising Benefits Of A Good Night Sleep

So... are you getting enough? Here's how many hours you should be getting, according to the National Sleep Foundation :

How Many Hours Of Sleep Should You Get?

Hanging blackout curtains in the bedroom is a great way to minimize light and get a better night’s rest. Discover other tips for getting better sleep by clicking over to this infographic from a mattress store in the Bay Area.

Best Blackout Curtains for Children’s Rooms – Room Darkening Ideas

The body maintains a sleep-wake cycle. Keeping a consistent sleep schedule encourages better sleep that helps people feel more alert and awake during the day. Take a look at this infographic from a Bay Area mattress store for more tips!

Importancia de tomar una siesta #Infografía

Proof that napping is a good thing! I'm a serious power napper.I have trained my body to sleep for a short minute nap in a different position than I normally sleep. But I LOVE a good hour and a half nap too!

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Bee Stings and Bug Bites 101. Top treatments and remedies for your kids.

Top Treatments for Bee Stings and Bug Bites (Infographic)

Bee Stings and Bug Bites Top treatments and remedies Includes NORMAL reactions too.

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