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Day 81: Ava is ready for her close up #101smiles #darkswan #vintageEmma #onceuponatime by jenmorrisonlive

Cruella De Vil playing Angry Birds is one of the most beautiful and hilarious things to come out of this show....

19 Times Lana Parrilla Proved She's A Real-Life Queen

hahaha. I love that Emilie de Ravin is Belle, so I couldn't care less that the "accent is wrong" even though, guys, Belle is supposed to be French... so uh... her "accent" has always been wrong. but anyways, this is funny. ; )

Emma & Killian¹ ⚓💕 on

OH. MY. GOD. MY FEELINGS. Credits to onceuponatimeinstorybrook on instagram!

Lol it's funny because a. Snow is a teacher and b. Peter Pan is just a baddy with a cute appearance that has multiple expressions

True love parallel!!! My heart hurts. Snowing and Captain Swan! Follow the creator of these amazing parallels on instagram: emmahooklovers :) #ouat #onceuponatime