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Black Soap from Africa and its skin benefits!

Ditch The Chemicals: Create Your Own Makeup  [by Health Perch -- via #tipsographic]. More at
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Ditch The Chemicals: Create Your Own Makeup

Ditch The Chemicals: Create Your Own Makeup [by Health Perch -- via #tipsographic]. More at

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50+ Of The Best, Most Beautiful Sites For Free Stock Photos

Grabbing pretty but copyrighted images for your next blog post can cost you your business. Here are the best websites for beautiful, legal, AND 100% free photos. This post is regularly updated, so be sure to bookmark for later.


How To Get Your Best Skin Ever With The Ancient Power Of Ayurveda

Often referred to as “the science of life” and “the mother of all healing,” Ayurveda looks at the whole being (body, mind, and spirit) to find the underlying sources of imbalance and disease, as

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How To Use Tea Tree Oil for Acne

Tea tree oil is hands down the most effective natural remedy I’ve ever tried for acne. It’s even effective against cystic acne, those underground monster zits that hurt so bad. As someone who used to suffer from pretty terrible acne, I know how frustrating it can be to try lots of different treatments only to …

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8 Herbs For Beautiful Skin And Hair

8 Herbs for Beautiful Skin and Hair: Harness the Power of Herbs

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Epsom Salt for Acne

5 Best Methods of Epsom Salt for Acne Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate is one among those effective natural remedies for acne. Epsom salt helps to cleanse the skin and exfoliates it to get cure from acne without the formation of scars.

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5 Best Beauty Regimens for Aging Gracefully

The Best Nutrients For Your Skin | These are the best things that you can eat to have healthy skin. | Skin Care Tips from #SkinCareTips #youresopretty

DIY beauty recipes and tips for making your own organic homemade scrubs and masks!

The Best Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin