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5SOSFam — aaronrichter: 5 Seconds of Summer for Kerrang! ©...

Awwwww! Luke! You are giving me a heart attack....

I want this on stickers. Why? So when I go back to school I can stick these on the forehead of every guy there.

this is probably the closest they'll come to punk rock

from Twitter

blurry face on

Cake <3......i hope that people dont go crazy like they did with larry and they wont hang out anymore.....its a depressing thing to think about....<<i know right

Do you guys remember at all when 5sos weren't real popular yet and if you searched them on pinterest the captions under the pics would always come up as 'luke 5 seconds of summer', 'calum five seconds of summer', 'five seconds of summer band' like now it's just like 'Luke', 'Calum', '5SOS' because we all know who they are now. lol.

Luke - Billboard. His beard and just everything about him I love Luke Hemmings

'Pssst! Looks like you've already saved this Pin.' I KNOWWWW BUT IT DOESNT GET OLD>> looks like Luke's about to say "why don't you shut your whore mouth Ashton!" AND I THOUGHT THAT AND DIED LAUGHING HELP <<<< that killed me sassy Luke strikes again lol're a special boy <3 Luke Hemmings <3 "Getting some air" <3 "The edits that will be created" <3 5 Seconds Of Summer 5SOS