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This is not just a scene from Glee anymore, I still can't believe it #RipCoryMonteith | @EXOGlobal

"Glee Live/ he looks so proud, too:)" this is the face i loved of cory monteith. he always had a smile, he was so precious, i can't believe he died, my heart is truly aching for everyone especially those who knew him. i'm still speechless in the worst way.

Taylor Swift's tweet about the death of her friend Cory Monteith (who played in the tv show Glee as Finn) ...I'm still in shock that he has passed away! He'll be missed on Glee!!!!! #RIPCoryMonteith :'(

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Remembering Cory Monteith — Not Finn Hudson In 'Glee'

Yes, I cried when I found out he died.. yes, I am obsessed with glee.

Life won't be the same without him. Glee definitely won't be the same. He made me fall in love with the show. :( #RIPCoryMonteith