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Lady Violet is awesome :) Also Carsen's reaction when she says this? Priceless.

Oh, Granny! LOL - Disney/ABC have a slight thing for these... to quote Mulan -"would you like to stay for dinner?" Grandma : "Would you like to stay forever?"

Young Smith by dennybutt on deviantART

It's-a-Mario! how to crochet a heart: patchwork crochet {part 1. designing}

A Writer's Heart: TV Movie Review: Once Upon a Time ~ Loved season one until RED, when things got dark fast. Skipped a few episodes, but decided to continue this show. Continues to be violence and evil villains, but nothing like RED again thus far. I adore fairytales, so just ... eep! Still skipping things here and there. No real inappropriate scenes, but immorality is alluded to with some characters. I think the Neverland season has been my favorite season so far! :)