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«Para que un objeto sea extraordinariamente bello es necesario que su forma no tenga nada de superfluo" " For an object to be extraordinarily beautiful it requires that its form has nothing superfluous " Antoni Gaudí

Fines formes Gaudí mug collection. Three knobs of their buildings now into our mugs

"Original es aquello que vuelve a la simplicidad de las primeras soluciones". "Original is something that goes back to the simplicity of the first solutions" A.Gaudí

White porcelain mug, gold hand painted, glossy finish. From Casa Batllò doorhandle.

Legend tells that Gaudi created with his own hands the handles and knobs of their buildings. He took a piece of clay and use his hand as a cast to achieve the desired shapes , the result is very ergonomic and organic forms that were made in bronze and integrated into the Gaudi universe.