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Christian Bale...Must be multifacted, dynamic.. executive swag with a throw down attitude.

Africa | Prestige chair from the Gurage people of Ethiopia | Wood

Africa | Barkcloth from the Kuba people of DR Congo | These special wraps were worn outside, or on top of, the long dance dresses for added decoration and prestige. | © Tim Hamill

I wanna own his face mask someday to rock in the field!

Africa | Royal headdress. Yoruba people. 20th century. Fiber and glass beads | Beaded items have long been associated with royalty among the Yoruba. Cone-like crowns like this one are primary symbols of a king's authority. When wearing it, a king becomes connected to royal ancestors, thereby strengthening his authority. Since it is prohibited for people to gaze directly at the king's head, a veil is included to conceal him.

Artist : Faith47 Fresh paint in Shoreditch February , 2014

Africa | Prestige Knife | Tikar People, Cameroon | Circa 1900 | Iron/wood with inlaid aluminum | 19"