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"In my experience, worrying means you suffer twice."

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

19 Things Only Awkward People Know To Be True

And yet, somehow it worked lol :) -- All 19 things in this article are me. Every. Single. One.

When Someone Tells You Are Too “Busy” … It’s Not A Reflection Of Their Schedule

Priorities: When someone tells you are too "busy" ... It's not a reflection of their schedule; It's a reflection of your spot on their schedule. - Dr. Steve Maraboli

22 Things Only History Nerds Will Find Funny

This Egyptian meme: | 22 Things Only History Nerds Will Find Funny

I saw this and thought "You don't have a date Katie" but then I realized it would be wonderfully fun do all of these things by myself like a weird lonely person