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21 Tumblr Posts About The Only "Harry Potter" Power Couple That Matters

Heard this tale when I was young. Am glad to find it again as that hs made such a colossal impact in my life.

Totally random, but I need a fresh playlist to listen to right now :)

Things a Whovian should do: carry around a replica of River Song’s diary and ask random people where/when you are. Submitted by gallifreylady

This is adorable lmao. Old people (yeah ik she's not THAT old but come one she'll be 70 next year) but old people are just adorable. Even if they are hillary clinton.

I find it cute when boys, -make weird faces -dance ridiculously -laugh -sing to you (no matter how bad they are) -bite their lower lip -are funny -tease me a little -lick their lips -say "aww" -don't you...?