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California both raised minimum wage AND raised taxes on corporations and the wealthy, and their economy is thriving new jobs being created and new small business growth.

Breaking! Here Is The Proof The New York Times Trump Accuser Lied About The Sexual Assault

My biggest fear is a career I don't love. Photo via

For if you're feeling inspired in your job. Handy checklist. Good to do every now and again to see if you're progressing / on track.

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19 Profound John Green Quotes That Will Inspire You

❥ and now I'll do what's best for me...needs to be my motto for 2013... start this new job(it's what's best for me I don't have time to worry about others), stop letting people walk all over me, continue fallin in love with the best guy ever!! :):!/OneDoterraCommunity

I want to share a story about how to properly set goals and work towards them. A reporter doing a story on Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly asked "How do you make so many important decisions so quickly?". Kelly responded saying that Southwest's goal was to be the most inexpensive airline in the USA. As the reporter spent the day with him and his employees brought up critical questions he would turn to the reporter and ask "Will doing this help us be the most inexpensive airline in the USA?"…

Your Life Is Calling: Put the LIFE back into your life! ‪#‎SelfHelpBook‬ DON’T BE AFRAID OF CHANGE "See any Samantha Camille Piquet in yourself? Do you look in your closet and realize you overindulge, and rationalize your mindless spending by saying, “I deserve it?” Or maybe your budget is tighter than Samantha’s, but you look at your friends and wonder how they can afford to take their kids to Disney when you can’t? Let me start by reinforcing one point of Samantha's story: the answer is…